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Our Drying Barn and Gift Shop

Throughout the growing season we harvest our herbs and everlastings for our many crafting and medicinal needs. Our rafters are full of distinctive flowers and fragrant herbs. We offer our own dried flowers and herbs for sale as bunches, wreaths, tussie mussies, arrangements, swags, etc. We fill many custom orders, as many people just look up to the ceiling and pick their colors!

We carry herbal bath and body products, with healing minerals and herbs.  See our lotions, salves, and soaps to heal dry skin.



Come in for organic teas and seasonings! We offer herbal teas for relaxation, inflammation, your memory, and just to enjoy. Build your immune system against colds and flu with our Immunity and Winter's Remedy tea. 

Other herbal teas we offer: 

Silencer Tea - Helps to loosen congestion & relieve cough.

Tranquility Tea -  Helps you to fall asleep safely.

Longevity Tea - Ikaria, an inland in Greece is known as the "Blue Zone"; a place where people forget to die.  Their longevity is attributed to the mixture of herbs found in this herbal tea.

Digestive Tea - Helps to settle the stomach & aid in digestion.

Anti-Inflammatory Tea - Most chronic diseases start with inflammation.  This herbal tea offers a mixture of natures natural anti-inflammatory herbs.

Spicy Memory Tea -  Loaded with antioxidants to keep the brain healthy.

Wise Women Tea - Be the menopausal goddess you always wanted to be!

Allergy Tea - Stimulates your bodies immune system which helps you build a natural resistance to allergies.

Psoriasis Tea - Helps relieve psoriasis symptoms.

Liver Cleanser Tea - This herbal tea aids as a natural detox & cleanser for your liver. 

Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm
8109 Telegraph Road Severn, MD 21144